To assist parents with pregnancy-related matters including: pregnancy testing, parent classes, counseling, referrals and spiritual guidance.

Mission of Life Choices

The purpose of Life Choices is to assist parents with Pregnancy related issues, through Life Choices Crisis Pregnancy Center Burlington WiPregnancy tests, Counseling, Education, Assisting financially when possible and necessary, Spiritual guidance, and Referrals such as housing and legal advice.

Non-Profit Overview

Life Choices is committed to assisting women carry to term by providing confidential counseling, practical education and spiritual growth. Through the generosity of God’s people and the community at large, we can offer hope to the future of mothers and their unborn babies.


*Life Choices is committed to creating awareness of the needs of pregnant women within the local community.

*Life Choices does not recommend, provide or refer for abortions.

*Life Choices is committed to integrity when dealing with clients. We believe in earning their trust and providing promised information and services.

*Life Choices does not discriminate in providing services based on race, creed, color, national origin, age or marital status.

*Life Choices offers assistance free of charge